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I have always been passionate about horses so long as I can remember. Where it came from I don’t know, I was always passionate about animals having dogs, cats and even ferrets as pets. However it was getting involved with horses that really intrigued me.

I grew up in Zimbabwe and then moved to Scotland as a teenager. I wasn’t fortunate to have my own horse but I took every opportunity to be around them so I started riding lessons and helped out at local stables at weekends. I left school (probably far too early) to start training to become a Riding Instructor at a Livery Yard. After I gained my qualification as a British Horse Society Assistant Instructor I worked as a groom for a couple of years. I then went travelling to Australia and New Zealand for two years and also worked as a groom there for a while, as well as sightseeing and working in the hospitality industry.

On returning to the UK, I left the equine industry for a number of years and followed another path into Complementary Therapies where I trained in Remedial and Sports Massage Therapy, Reflexology, Neuro Linguistic Programming and Reiki. I also got married and had two children. I came across EMMETT Technique and it immediately grabbed my attention as it could be used to treat horses. I completed my EMMETT Practitioner training for people first which gave me a good background knowledge on the EMMETT Technique principals and experience of treating people. Then my journey back to working with horses again began when I started the EMMETT for Horses training. I was completely blown away how horses reacted to EMMETT, they are so honest and just accept it for what it is.

I am also an EMM-Tech and Short Horse course tutor and have great fun sharing EMMETT Technique to anyone who wants to learn how to help their horse or themselves. My EMMETT journey is just beginning, I had the privilege of being asked to become an EMMETT4Horses Practitioner Instructor for Scotland, and when my training is complete with that I will be teaching courses in Scotland.

My vison is to be able to treat both horses and people, to help relieve them from pain and discomfort, and to teach people this wonderful and amazing therapy that is the EMMETT Technique.

I live near Bridge of Cally, in Perthshire and I’m happy to travel throughout Scotland. Depending on distance there may be a charge for travel.

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