EMM-Tech Course

The EMM-Tech Course was created by Ross Emmett so that non-therapists would have the opportunity to use some of his work to help themselves, friends and family.  The course contains 11 moves which have been specially selected from the EMMETT Technique Practitioner Course.

Scheduled EMM-Tech Courses

Dates to be announced...


Releases Taught

The EMMETT Releases taught are:-

  • Sternocleidomastoid (SCM) - to free up neck rotation problems.
  • Pectoralis Minor - used for shoulder problems, and difficulty reaching the arm behind the body.
  • Biceps - 2 moves to release the shoulder when there is a restriction on lifting the arm. An excellent tool to help with frozen shoulder and with any biceps strain.
  • Forearm release - will help improve grip strength. Can also help with elbow problems, and RSI.
  • Latissimus dorsi - release frees up the arm lift where there is a “dragging” under the arm. Also great for addressing lower back tightness and pain.

Releases continued....

  • Diaphragm/Abdominal release – to open out the ribcage and help with breathing difficulties. Releases tight abdominal muscles and hunched over posture. Allows people to breathe more easily and deeply.
  • ITB release. Quicker and simpler and less painful than massage techniques!
  • ITB/Sartorius - where there is difficulty squatting and lack of strength in the legs.
  • Gastroc/calf - for tense tight and fluid filled calves. Also assists balance.
  • Foot Balance - moves to assist balance and stability. So simple. So effective.

Course Details

The course is conducted over 8 hours and may be offered as a one 8 hour day or two 4 hour sessions which are usually from one day to two weeks apart. No prior experience is necessary to attend a course. It can be taken by anyone.

The cost is £100, which includes a Training Guide, a Certificate of Attendance and a DVD for revision.

Course Dates

Dates to be announced...


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